Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rubber Ducky Theme

This is a great neutral theme for a mom-to-be that doesn't know the gender of the baby yet. There are so many fun things you can do with this theme. You can float rubber duckies in the punch bowl or if you're not serving punch, in a bowl of blue-tinted water on the main table. You could also have a galvanized tub or plastic kiddie pool filled with water and floating duckies, some marked with an X on the bottom. Guests can have a turn to pick a duck and if they have an X on theirs, they get a prize. You can sprinkle ducky confettti on tables and in invitations and have ducky party favors, such as the ducky body butter and soaps I have pictured below. You can go simple with pastel yellow partyware or go with colorful ducky party supplies. Duck cookie cutters can be used to make cookies or cut-out sandwiches to serve. For games, you could do a word find with words like bathtub, robe, soap, rubber ducky, etc...You could also use those same items on a baby bingo card. Ducky diaper cakes make great centerpieces or you could go with a baloon bouquet, using a balloon like the one shown below. The possibilities are endless for a ducky shower.

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