Monday, November 3, 2008

Entertaining and Funny Baby Shower Games

By Jane O'Baillie

Baby shower games are a traditional part of any baby shower celebration. It's one of the best ways of providing entertainment for the guests. Most of these games are simple and fun to play. Some of them are relatively new and are not usually played in the celebration.
Clothespin Game
One of the easy and popular baby shower games is the clothespin game which usually goes on for the entire duration of the celebration. Once the guests arrive at the event each of them is given a clothespin where they must clip their clothing. Rules will be explained before the game is started. One rule of the clothespin game is that no one is allowed to cross his or her legs. The person who will be caught crossing legs will have to give his or her clothespin to the person who caught him or her. This rule will run within the entire event. At the end of the baby shower the person who has the most clothespins will be declared as the winner. A small gift will be given to the winner. In some baby shower events, the clothespin game has a variation of allowing the person who caught the one crossing legs to say the word "baby".
Baby Guessing Game
Another old time favorite baby shower games is the "baby guessing game" whereas every guest is required to bring a baby photo of herself. Once the guests arrived they need to attach the baby photo that they brought to the provided board. Before this game starts the guests are given the pencil and paper that will be used in figuring out who is in the baby photo to be shown. The one who can do the most correct guessing will win.
Ribbon/String Game
Among the many baby shower games the "toilet paper, ribbon or string game" is considered to be one of the funniest for everyone. It can be an option either to use toilet paper, roll of ribbon or string for the game. Whatever item chosen it is needed to be passed on around to every guest. The item will be cut or torn by the guests accordingly to the length that will be fit the belly of the expecting mother.
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